Customized. Data-Driven. Efficient.

What distribution services can you offer?

Legacy offers a wide-range of customized products – each according to the needs of our customers. Common requests are: palletization, breaking bulk, inventory management and classification, consolidation, reverse logistics and order picking. All of these are driven by our data systems which allow us to customize the storage and movement to the specifications required by your project or account.

Who uses Distribution Services from Legacy?

Interior Designers | Home-staging

Hotels: New and Renovations



Furniture Companies

Technology Companies

Where can you distribute?

Our main warehouse facilities - and corporate offices - are located in Salt Lake City, UT – a prime spot connected with the inland port initiative due to its rail connectivity with major seaports and road connectivity with the entire United States. This makes Salt Lake a perfect center for regional and national distribution; we have access to warehousing facilities all over the nation and the world. We're confident we can find you the best location for your specific situation.

With so many distributors, why Legacy?

The reason is simple: Our industry-leading experience, our innovative technology and our commitment to honesty is unmatched. With our ability to customize our product and integrate with your needs, we believe in getting you more than just space and movement. We believe in keeping your business operating at peak efficiency so that you can keep your customers happy because supply chain management is likely not your core business model, so let us use our experience and technology to make it the easiest part of your business and let you focus on your core product.

Legacy offers a unique range of distribution services for customers large and small. Whether your needs are simply bulk-break, hold-and-ship or large-scale consolidation, we've got you covered. Our warehousing teams are versed in a wide variety of short term projects and long-term distribution accounts.

From staging homes, commercial renovations, medical projects to large scale manufacture distribution to retail – we've done it all. Part of our focus is a data-driven environment and that means customization. Every customer has unique needs and requirements and we'll implement every one. Our team is practiced at any custom needs from API-driven event-based data flows to regular personal updates.