Experienced Logistics, Easy implementation.

What can you fulfill?

We can fulfill products of any size and ship them according to your needs and the needs of your customer. Whether that means common carrier, a courier or a last-mile service – we'll meet that need. We have experience with large products such as appliances, furniture and exercise equipment to the common small e-commerce products. Whatever the size, whatever the need – we'll fulfill it.

What kinds of customers use Legacy for fulfillment?

E-Commerce Sites



When there are many fulfillment providers, why use Legacy?

The answer is simple: customized, quality service using the latest technology. Our in-house development team can make sure our systems are working seamlessly so that as soon as your customer clicks, it's on it's way out the door. Our ability to customize any end of the service, combined with the latest technology is hard to find. Many logistics providers will make you fit their model. Not Legacy, we'll customize the service for each customer.

How does Legacy fulfillment give me an advantage?

The online retail experience is growing rapidly, and today's e-commerce retailers need access to a supply chain network that can get them up and growing quickly. Legacy offers a unique, custom-tailored fulfillment solution for your needs. Need small package fulfillment? With our IT integration as a core focus, we can make sure we can connect our experienced team to your site ready to pick and ship. Need large product fulfillment? We work with Last-Mile teams to make sure we get your product from dock to door just as ordered.

While there are many fulfillment providers, our unique ability to integrate however, whenever you need gives you the advantage. Instead of forcing our customers to fit our logistics model, we tailor our service to you and your customers.