Contract Logistics

Data-driven Innovation. Industry-leading expertise.

Why Contract Logistics over On-Demand?

Contracted customers get all of the benefits of our on-demand product, but with consistent pricing and a more developed relationship. Our highly-experienced team will help you find ways to improve your supply chain process , a service that comes as we develop a relationship. We have a passion for improvement and quality. To us, they're not just load numbers.

Who uses Contract Logistics?

More Consistent Volume

Need for Custom Data Integrations

Need for Honest, Consistent and High-Quality Service

What is your pricing?

Pricing models vary. We need to understand your needs and match them up with our availability to make sure we give you exactly what you need. To do that, we'll start by having a conversation and then get you terms and pricing.

With so many carriers available, why Legacy?

The reason is simple: Our industry-leading experience, our innovative technology and our commitment to honesty is unmatched. We believe in getting you more than just space and movement, we believe in keeping your business operating at peak efficiency so that you can keep your customers happy. Logistics is likely not your core business model, so let us use our experience and technology to make it the easiest part of your business and let you focus on your core product.

Logistics is more than getting items from one place to another, it's all about the end customer. Legacy Logistics knows that shipping a product is one step in a complex chain of events that each need to work together to ensure the end customer is satisfied. To do that, companies need more data and information to help them keep 100% constant visibility to the goods in the supply chain. That's why we've built a core part of our offering to meet that need. This product is for Less-than-truckload (LTL) and Truckload (TL) shipments.

Part of the Legacy advantage is constant information flow that works for you. Some companies prefer integrated data-driven information and Legacy can deliver custom API integrations to your ERP, management software or even customer applications. We can integrate with the latest technology and common implementations. Some customers still prefer a human conversation and a relationship, which Legacy can do better than our competitors. Our agents are honest, open and communicative about everything to do with your shipments. In today's data driven world, relationships and communication still matter. No matter what you need, know that Legacy can deliver.