The Future of Supply Chain Management is Here.

"The challenges to supply chain management as a core business function have opened the door for Supply-Chain-as-a-Service to fill the gap.

On-premise SCM solutions will go out of style as companies turn to SCaaS for a more sustainable and effective way to manage their supply and demand networks."

Who uses Supply-Chain-as-a-Service?

Need End-to-End solutions

Need to Reduce Complexity

Need to Scale Quickly

What is Supply-Chain-as-a-Service?

Perhaps Forbes said it best:

"Times have changed. The "as-a-service " suffix now denotes a more comprehensive approach, one that encompasses the best of both worlds. And with corporations learning to take advantage of the Internet-of things (i.e. the proliferation of apps, the relative ease of data access, integration and analysis), they are discovering a new breed of SCM partner that is capable of quickly delivering high impact, enterprise class solutions with minimal disruption." (emph. added)

Simply put, let us handle your supply chain in its entirety and stand back and watch the results. In today's ever-increasing complexity, supply chain management is becoming more difficult and more expensive. What started as a simple need to deliver product has developed into an industry that requires its own set of complex tools and expertise. That's where Legacy comes in: Let our expertise, our tools and our industry knowledge help keep you focused on your core business.

How does it work?

As it no doubt sounds, a transition from premise SCM to Supply-Chain-as-a-Service is unique to every company. To get started, we'll meet with you and learn your current system and develop a transition plan that will enable you to maintain minimal disruption. From start to finish, the plan will be customized to your needs, your time frame and your customers.